The Lorraine 'Fritzi' Yale Gallery displays works by a range of contemporary local artists.

Our mission is to promote local artists within the region and present art works that express local talent whether it be from emerging or professional artists.

The 'Fritzi' Gallery is dedicated to the collaborative process and offers the public the unique experience of being able to enjoy theatre and visual arts. Located on the 2nd floor of the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre. The Fritzi is open for visits anytime the front doors are open. You can take a stroll through the current exhibit and if you find a piece that particularly moves you, you can purchase it. All of the artwork is for sale!


The Fritzi Gallery opened to the public in the fall of 2007 thanks to the generous gift made by Janet Yale, in honour of her late mother and artist, Lorraine 'Fritzi' Yale and TELUS.

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For questions and inquiries, please contact:

Cathy Brake
Gallery and Boutique Coordinator OSA

Current Exhibit

About Town by Anne Scanlan

October 22, 2019 – November 22, 2019

Vernissage: Tuesday October 22, 2019, 6 – 8 p.m.

Anne Scanlan is an Ottawa based artist who employs the mediums of painting and printmaking to create her unique style of expressionistic artworks. 

As a child Anne was interested in art but coming from a big family there wasn’t always the opportunity.  Her father was a painter and she was always fascinated with his work. 

A former teacher, Anne holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo as well as a Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Teacher Education College.  Following a successful 38 year career in education, Anne transitioned to focus on her long time passion for Art, and in 2016 she enrolled in OSA’s three year diploma program.  Anne will be completing the diploma program in 2020.   

Anne has painted for over two and a half decades.  She draws inspiration from both nature and city to create imagery that is whimsical, warm and reminiscent of “home”.   Her use of thick, broad brush strokes, strong lines, and bold colours distinguishes her unique style.   Anne’s work is informed by artists like Kandinski, de Kooning and Matisse, as well as Canadian artists Jeannine Robertson and Pat Fairhead.  Anne’s artworks have been exhibited in several galleries in Ottawa, Gatineau, and in Scottsdale, Arizona USA.  Her works are held in private collections in Canada.

“… ‘About Town’ is an attempt to convey the longing for ‘home’.  ...This series is driven by my fascination with the interactions that take place within a community, be it via peaceful abstract florals, colourful towns or whimsical canal skaters.” 

Anne Scanlan, Artist

Artist Biography 

Anne Scanlan is best described as an Expressionist artist with elements of realism.

Anne is an artist who channels her passion for colour, movement and line to create bold, expressive paintings.  She is an Ottawa-based artist who is inspired by our beautiful city but also travels to explore potential art subjects.  Anne’s work includes abstract themes, with elements of hard edges and whimsy.  Broad brush-strokes, bold colours, thick and textured paint, with an expressive feel characterize her work.  Anne enjoys focusing on ephemeral moments to preserve the character and uniqueness of the Ottawa streetscape and its environs.  She works with many different subjects ranging from floral, figurative, street scenes and more.  Anne finds inspiration in both nature and city; painting vibrant florals, or busy street corners.  Anne brings a sense of simplicity, calmness of space and a touch of whimsy to all of her work.  She focuses on reducing objects to simplified shapes and patterns to create an interesting and obscured perspective, as well as using colour and light to set a sense of mood.

Anne began painting in 1992 and more recently enrolled at the Ottawa School of Art, where she is a third year diploma student.

Artist Statement      

My choice of medium is primarily acrylic painting and printmaking.  

Painting for me is mainly about shapes and colour.  The use of lines in my work is another element that I continue to explore.  These lines relate to the shape and colour of the work and how I, as an artist, respond to the mark that has been made between the different shapes.  I try to emphasize the visual effects that can be made by the interplay of line and shape with the frequent use of chalk throughout my work.  Using chalk allows me to free up the surface area, and explore more traditional subjects with an abstract approach.  Painting in large scale gives me the freedom to use gestural brush strokes, large brushes and a variety of painting materials. In addition the paintings are usually rotated multiple times before the actual picture appears.  

The series “About Town” is an attempt to convey the longing for “home.”  As Charles Dickens said: to convey the simple, enormous power of “home.”

“Home is a name, a work, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to.”  

This series is driven by my fascination with the interactions that take place within a community, be it via peaceful abstract florals, colourful towns or whimsical canal skaters.