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Here at GCTC, our productions typically feature 15–20 actors per season.

Keep in mind that one or two of these productions will be a presentation from another company, therefore, already cast. We hold general auditions each year in Ottawa to cast these 15–20 actors.

We post submission information on Equity’s E-Drive, PORTAiL, and below on our website. Please note that there is an annual deadline date for submissions to the general auditions. Auditions for specific roles are held according to the needs of our production schedule and the availability of directors, hence there is no standard timing for these meetings.

GCTC promotes an environment of equity, inclusion and diversity. Artists from under-represented communities are encouraged to apply for a general audition time. All artists are invited to remove measurements and physical features from their resumé.


We will be accepting General Audition requests as of October 28, 2019. Please e-mail a headshot and resumé in one PDF, titled with the actor’s surname to artistliaison@gctc.ca.


If you’re unable to send it electronically, send a hard copy to the address below:

Great Canadian Theatre Company
Attention: Auditions
300-1227 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, ON K1Y 0G7


Actors will be contacted if we're interested in scheduling an audition time. Please do not contact the theatre to confirm receipt of your package. However, we encourage all artists to send updated material for our files and invite them to remove reference to physical traits (i.e. height, weight, eye colour, etc.) from the resumé.



We produce at least four productions per season and provide both ADC and non-affiliated contracts to designers of all disciplines. If you’re interested in submitting your portfolio for consideration, just contact our Artistic Director, Eric Coates.



We operate under the Canadian Theatre Agreement and produce at least four productions per season.

Please note that we do not accept suggested play titles from freelance directors. This helps avoid misunderstandings in the event that a freelance director promotes a play that is already under consideration (believe me; this happens more often than you’d expect). If a director is affiliated with an existing script, we ask that the playwright pitch the project, with the director as a partner, or suggested artist. Freelance directors visiting Ottawa are welcome to contact us for complimentary tickets for any production, subject to availability of course.

If you’re interested in submitting your portfolio for consideration, please contact our Artistic Director, Eric Coates.



Call for Applications to OAC Recommender Grants.

1. What is the OAC’s Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators Program?
The Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators Program is a third-party recommender program that provides theatre project grants to professional artists and collectives based in the province of Ontario.

2. What are the grants for?
The program is meant to deliver money to playwrights/creators to “buy time” to work on new creation. Although artists who receive funding are under no obligation to GCTC, the program is meant to encourage relationships between theatre companies and creators. The program aims to reflect the range of artistic practices in the theatre community and to support excellence, regional activity, cultural diversity and Indigenous identity.

3. What does the program fund?
Professional theatre artists or informal collectives based in the province of Ontario.

4. What doesn’t it fund?

  • Organizations, whether incorporated or not.

  • Production or workshop costs (but if the proposed piece is created collectively through a devised process, those costs are considered eligible).

  • Work completed before receiving notification from GCTC.

  • Equipment costs such as computers or printers.

  • Professional expenses such as translation and dramaturgy.

  • Creation of non-theatre work.

  • Applicants who have outstanding reports for previously awarded OAC grants.

5. What are GCTC’s priorities?
GCTC will give priority to applications from playwrights and collectives based in, or who originate from, Ottawa and the National Capital Region. Applicants must be residents of Ontario. GCTC will assess the applications on the basis of artistic quality. We will also give priority to from under-represented communities and/or work that reflects GCTC’s mandate for theatre “that provokes examination of Canadian life and our place in the world”.

6. How much can I apply for?

Artists can request a minimum of $1000 and a maximum of $5000.


Applications are now submitted to recommenders through Nova. Before applying, you must create or update your profile in Nova.

Your application includes:

  • Basic information about the project

  • Your answers to application questions

  • Name of recommender you are applying to

  • A script sample or draft (if the work is devised, applicants must include a synopsis and detailed process description that will be used to create the work)

  • If applicants are unable to include a script sample or draft they may send additional optional support material that illustrates their work: script (maximum 20 pages), video, photos, letters of support, etc.

  • Support documents

Complete instructions and requirements are in the application in Nova.

For help creating a profile or submitting an application in Nova, see the Nova User Guide.

Deadline: Thursday December 12, 2019. Applications received later than Thursday December 12, 1:00pm EST will not be accepted.

Please address your application or inquiries to: 
Eric Coates
613-236-5192 x 227

Writing or Creating a New Play? The Great Canadian Theatre Company invites theatre artists and collectives to submit an application to the Ontario Arts Council’s Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators Program.

Deadline for applications: December 12, 2019


Application guidelines and information about the Recommender Grants program can be found on the OAC website:


Results will be available on Nova on or about January 23, 2020.

Script Submission Guidelines

Have a look at our mandate: “To foster, produce and promote excellent theatre that provokes examination of Canadian life and our place in the world.”

This mandate doesn’t mean we don’t accept work from outside of Canada, but it’s imperative that the script “provokes examination of Canadian life”. What does that mean? That’s a good question. Discuss.

Due to the quantity of reading requests, we do accept a limited number of scripts per month. Please consult our Script Submission Guidelines before sending your script or proposal.


Playwrights Network

At GCTC we support a network for local playwrights, with an aim to provide peer-led critical feedback, professional development and promotion to our peer companies. Our network members meet together and with the artistic director on an ad hoc basis between September and June each season. We promote the work of network members to new play centres and theatre companies across Canada.

If you have any inquiries about the network, please contact GCTC Artistic Director, Eric Coates: artisticdirector@gctc.ca

Theatre Recommenders Program

GCTC participates as a recommender in the Ontario Arts Council’s (OAC) Theatre Recommenders Program, subject to approval each year.


GCTC supports independent artists’ applications to the OAC and to the Canada Council for the Arts.

Shannon Reynolds Fund

GCTC is the home of the Shannon Reynolds Fund, which supports an emerging female artist each season. The fund provides support in a different discipline each year (i.e. direction, design, stage management). We’ll be posting application guidelines here annually.