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Scene Study: The Virgin Trial with Kate Smith (Workshop #2)



In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to work on scenes from Kate Hennig's play The Virgin Trial with professional actor Kate Smith (who plays Ashley in the GCTC production). Using scenes from the script, participants will explore character work by learning how to modulate their voice and adapt their physicality, as well as determining what their character needs (and how to get it!). In groups, they will dig into the importance of stakes and status and apply it to their scene work to create a dynamic performance.

*Performance of The Virgin Trial at 12pm.

Kate Smith.jpg

Kate Smith


Kate Smith has been working in Canadian theatre for nearly 15 years and is Co-Artistic Director of Skeleton Key Theatre. A trained actor and singer, Kate has performed across Canada and has twice been nominated for a Prix Rideau Award for Outstanding Female Performance. She is the recipient of the Outstanding Ensemble Award at the 2017 Ottawa Fringe Festival for company Smith & Somers' original dark musical comedy HOOTENANNY!.

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