Looking to submit a script to us?

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know.


Eligibility & Guidelines

What’s eligible?

GCTC prioritizes submissions from Canadian playwrights and/or playwrights residing in Canada. 

What do we produce?

GCTC produces a subscription season of six full-length plays in English for adult audiences.  Our mandate is to produce theatre that "provokes examination of Canadian life and our place in the world."

Please do not e-mail scripts without consulting GCTC.

Any script that is received without consultation will be returned, deleted or recycled. 

What are the guidelines for script submissions?

Please contact GCTC’s Artist Liaison, Catherine Ballachey, prior to sending scripts for consideration. She will pass your proposal on to Artistic Director Eric Coates. If the proposal is of interest, the playwright will be invited to send the script. Please include the following in your proposal:

  • A short synopsis and up to ten (10) pages of the script

  • Information about the development or production history of your play

  • A cast breakdown

  • Your full mailing address, phone number and e-mail.


How do I submit anonymously?

Please indicate clearly if you wish your proposal to be submitted anonymously. The Artist Liaison will remove all personal information and development/production background before the proposal is forwarded to the Artistic Director.


Where do I send it?


Catherine Ballachey, Artist Liaison


Great Canadian Theatre Company
Attention: Catherine Ballachey, Artist Liaison
300-1227 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, ON K1Y 0G7


How do we respond?

We will send an e-mail indicating that we have received your script proposal and let you know whether or not we wish to read the script for consideration. We do not provide dramaturgical feedback unless a script is accepted for further development or production.

Due to the high volume of submissions, the Artistic Director accepts scripts according to available reading time. We thank you for your patience.