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Indie Theatre Producing with Emily Carvell



Get your show off the ground! Get tips from an indie theatre pro on writing that grant, raising those funds, making connections, marketing to the right audience, and so much more. 

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Emily Carvell

Festival Director, Fresh Meat

An emerging local producer, Emily has been on the Fresh Meat team since its start in 2012.  In 2015, she received a Metcalf Foundation performing arts internship grant to train as an artistic producer with the Ottawa Fringe Festival. Emily now works as the Ottawa Fringe's Associate Festival Director. Emily aims to create more accessible and inclusive performance avenues for independent artists through her work here in Ottawa. 

About The Hive @ GCTC

The Hive @ GCTC is a unique program designed to introduce high school and university students to the inner workings of the Great Canadian Theatre Company and the Ottawa theatre community. Apply to The Hive and you'll be sent regular invitations to monthly events and workshops specially designed for members, as well as information about workshops, shows, and opportunities in the Ottawa theatre community.

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