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Hiss and Swoon: Language as a Physical Experience (Workshop #1)

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Language is a physical experience. When you are speaking or listening, you are creating and decoding meaning with your senses. In this workshop, we’ll use themes from The Drowning Girls (love, power, fear, dependency) to explore words and their physical effect on your body. We’ll combine poetry and vocal techniques to play with the crackle, sizzle and swish that you use every day to convey thoughts and feelings.

*Performance of The Drowning Girls at 12pm.

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Amanda Lewis


Amanda West Lewis has combined careers as a writer, theatre director, calligrapher, book artist and instructor. She has spent her career working in the arts and in arts education.
Amanda is the author of 7 books for young people. Her new novel, The Pact, sets friendship, poverty and family amidst the culture of indoctrination and propaganda in Nazi Germany. Her previous novel, September 17: A Novel, is a fictionalized account of the sinking of the S.S. City of Benares during the Second World War. September 17 was nominated for the Silver Birch Award, the Red Cedar Award, and the Violet Downey IODE Award. Both novels are published by Red Deer Press.

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