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Feb 20, 2018

Immigration and family are centre stage in Trey Anthony’s How Black Mothers Say I Love You


Last updated:Feb 20, 2018
Jan 02, 2018

Award-winning playwright Hannah Moscovitch returns to GCTC to tackle reproductive rights in 1920’s Ottawa


Last updated:Jan 03, 2018
Nov 13, 2017

GCTC bets on love at first sight in Blind Date


Last updated:Nov 13, 2017
Oct 18, 2017

A cheerful slice of The Big Apple comes to GCTC with 

Ordinary Days


Last updated:Oct 18, 2017
Sep 11, 2017

GCTC starts 2017-18 season with You Are Happy,

a comedy about millennial love


Last updated:Sep 11, 2017
Aug 23, 2017

GCTC taps into young audiences with new and improved Education & Learning Programs


Last updated:Aug 23, 2017
Jun 08, 2017

Propeller Dance delves into desirable lives and adds accessibility options with new creation


Last updated:Jun 08, 2017
May 29, 2017

GCTC and CCLA raise $10,000 for PLEO with the 18th Annual Lawyer Play Fundraiser


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - OTTAWA May 27, 2017 – With the final performance having just ended and the receipts still being tallied, the curtain goes down on an outstanding 18th Annual GCTC/CCLA Lawyer Play. With a cast of 25, big name cameos, dedicated sponsors, and one of the Bard’s most well known plays, Macbeth was destined for success.

Last updated:May 29, 2017
May 16, 2017

Ottawa’s legal community tackles the Bard for the 18th Annual Lawyer Play Fundraiser


Plus a special Hockey Night at GCTC


Last updated:May 16, 2017
May 04, 2017

GCTC celebrates two big triumphs to cap off the 2016-17 season


Last updated:May 04, 2017