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GCTC celebrates two big triumphs to cap off the 2016-17 season


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - OTTAWA May 5, 2017 – Days after closing its 2016-17 season, GCTC is happy to announce that Michael Healey’s 1979 broke all previous box office records to become the company’s highest grossing production ever. With sales figures reaching over 200% of the original revenue goal, 1979 was a smashing success on all fronts.


News of the record-breaking show coincides with other financial news, as this week GCTC made the final payment on its capital debt. Since GCTC moved to its current home at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre in 2007, unexpected construction costs saddled the company with a $1.6 million debt. GCTC has had pledges and financial commitments in place to retire the debt for some time. In February, the City of Ottawa announced as part of its budget that it would be approving the final installment of its financial commitment to GCTC towards the facility. Along with the unwavering devotion of GCTC’s Board of Directors — in particular past Chair Nhanci Wright and past Vice Chair Brian Toller —, and GCTC’s community of donors, sponsors and subscribers, the debt is officially retired.


GCTC Board of Directors Chair Mitch Charness couldn’t be more pleased with all the good news coming out of the company. “This year’s successes are a testament to the hard work and creativity of our management team and all of the staff at GCTC” says Charness. “I continue to be impressed with the GCTC family.  Thanks to them, and a dedicated team of volunteers, GCTC is a vibrant place to enjoy world class entertainment.  It is an honour to be a part of it.”


GCTC is thrilled to close out the 2016-17 season with long-term achievements and record-breaking sales. Poised to begin their 2017-18 season in September from such a strong position, the company is more excited than ever to continue its work with such stellar milestones behind them. 


“We are achieving or exceeding our goals both artistically and financially and are so very proud to share this success with renewed vigour and confidence through the work we are bringing to our stages in the 2017-18 season,” says GCTC Managing Director Hugh Neilson. “We are also adding programming specifically for youth and young families, so next season will reach deeper into the community and be more exciting than ever.”



Subscriptions are now available for GCTC’s 2017-18 season. For more information on the 2017-18 season, visit GCTC.ca or call the GCTC Box Office at 613-236-5196.


About GCTC

GCTC celebrates its 43nd season in 2017–18. We continue to foster, produce and promote excellent theatre that provokes examination of Canadian life and our place in the world. Now at the beginning of a 3-year strategic plan, GCTC aims to increase the diversity on it stages, diversify its audiences and deepen their experience. GCTC also continues to embrace artistic risk and to ensure a wide range of theatrical experiences.




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