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GCTC operates its Education & LEarning Programs for grades 7 to 12 and post secondary schools to engage young people in the arts in order to promote creative thinking. The Education & Learning Programs are committed to developing artistic learning opportunities for young people in Ottawa, to foster life long connections to the arts and their own community.  Our program includes:

Student Matinees – A live theatre experience

For students from grades 7 to 12 and post-secondary we offer two weekday matinee performances for each show throughout the season, according to the age appropriateness of the work. This program is important as it provides Ottawa area student’s affordable access to professional theatre that complements the Ontario curriculum.

Play Study Guides

Each show has an in-depth guide written by a professional study guide writer and former drama teacher. Guides include a synopsis of the play and pre- and post- show lesson plans and discussion topics for teachers to incorporate into their curriculum. Resource material is included and links to additional resources provided. The guides are made accessible to teachers and students prior to the matinee and posted on our website.
The guide helps Teachers bridge the gap between classroom learning and the live theatre experience and connect the play and its themes directly to the Ontario curriculum.


Talkbacks provide an opportunity for students to investigate the play more thoroughly. Following each student matinee is a talk back session with the actors. Students have the opportunity to ask questions of the cast and discuss their own experiences in relation to the play

Theatre for Teachers Evening

Each year in spring, teachers from Ottawa’s school boards; and home school parents are invited to the theatre to learn about the upcoming season’s productions and learn innovative approaches to incorporate the theatre experience into their classrooms.
This in depth information session is set up to make theatre accessible for teachers by increasing their own comfort level with theatre arts, and enables them to make the theatre experience a richer one for their students. The sessions also create a dialogue between GCTC and teachers so that GCTC has a solid understanding of the needs of educators

To download our 2016-17 Edgeucation brochure, please click here.

Contact Information:
Catherine Ballachey, Front of House and Education Services Manager
Phone: 613-236-5192 x239

16-17 Study Guides

The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble

15-16 Study Guides

Jake's Gift

Angel Square


Janet Wilson Meets the Queen

What the students are saying...
"This was my first one (theatre experience). It was great!"
"Amazing performance! Thanks!"
"I really enjoyed the play and found it very interesting. I had a really good time and I found that GCTC did a lot to ensure that we were comfortable."
"I would definitely come back."

What the teachers are saying...
"This is vital to training students."
"The students enjoyed the performance and especially like how close they were to the stage. The Talkback was also a great experience for them."

"GCTC is Ottawa's theatre nexus. It is a vital hub that artistically interconnects both artists and audiences alike. At GCTC community building is a long standing tradition that is written right into the very code that guides the theatre. No wonder they have been around so long!" - Lynn Cox (Coordinator/Professor, Theatre Arts Program, Faculty of Arts - Algonquin College)