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Every day, people stop me - the Production Manager of GCTC - on the street and ask "Seth, ... SETH, ... SETH ..., ... stop walking away from me.  Tell me how to make a theatre show happen!  How do you do it?  How do you get a set onstage?”.   This happens on Wellington Street West EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


Due to the frequency that I receive this aggressive line of questioning from average passerby, I have developed a short handout on how a professional production manager brings a set from script to stage. 



Hammershmidt's Thanks You

It's a wrap on the GCTC / CCLA Laywer Play (the 13th annual Lawyer Play, you know the one)!
This year's Parfumerie, by Miklos Lazlo and adapted by EP Dowdall

undercurrents v 2.0

undercurrents: Theatre Below the Mainstream is now at Arts Court Theatre, managed by Ottawa Fringe Festival.  It is, by all reports from the Festival Launch last night, going to be bigger and better than ever.  The transition of the Festival from GCTC to the Ottawa Fringe has been a successful experiment in inter-organizational planning, resulting in an exciting lineup of local, national and (yes!) international shows.



The Opposite of Tame

Lawyer Play rehearsals have begun!


In the chasm of the Artscourt Studio, 25-odd members of the Ottawa legal community read A Midsummer Night’s Dream formally, for the first time, this past Sunday. The cast is succinct, knowledgeable, and hilarious. Shakespearean text is difficult language to understand, at times, but the text coaching sessions the cast attended with GCTC’s Artistic Director Eric Coates in January, and an introductory lecture to Shakespeare by this year’s Lawyer Play Director, Patrick Gauthier, really paid-off.



If we shadows have offended...

Holy smokes, what a week.  GCTC's production team has been running at full capacity over the past few days.


Finally, Family Fun @ GCTC!

It’s been nice to see family and children at GCTC recently! Historically, dramatic cutting-edge contemporary Canadian theatre is not always conducive to ‘happy-theatre family time’ but, for the first time in years, GCTC is working with 2 local children’s theatre companies to help produce and promote a Children’s Sunday Series in our Studio Theatre at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre, running regularly throughout our 2013 - 14 Season on select ... Sundays.


Proud of Proud (Pride?)

We're rolling out the first show of the 13-14 Season - Michael Healey's Proud. What a show! I honestly don't normally laugh out-loud when first reading any one script for our productions (this is often done in quiet solitary confinement with a smoking glass of Bordeaux), but this time around I had some good chuckles in the GCTC offices. What a genuinely thoughtful, aggressive, and provocative piece of theatre. A political pie, best served cold.


Summer has come to GCTC!

I swear that a tumbleweed rolled across the GCTC Mainstage this morning... it's summer time!

The set for Rosa Laborde's 'Like Wolves' came down a few days ago in a flurry of excitement in anticipation of a great presentation by Elmood School last night. It's a fantastic transition to watch: from 18' high walls to a slick black stage in just a few hours.

Our amazing crew goes on holiday or works on alternate projects over the next few weeks; the GCTC admin staff take their holidays. It's a quiet time to catch up on work and lament the passing of the 12/13 Season.


'Tis The Season for undercurrents Planning!

There's nothing like intensive production meetings, whiteboard markers, post-it notes and 20 message email streams to compliment a cup of mulled apple cider and a glowing holiday fire. ...... Oh wait. It's the season for undercurrents: theatre below the mainstream planning, my friends! Pat Gauthier and I have been hard at work in the confines of the GCTC Holiday Workshop (aka Administration Offices) preparing for the hottest theatre during for the coldest time of the year in our fair city.


The Studio - Fall 2012!

The Studio Theatre at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre is in full swing this fall. We’re welcoming some old friends and new acquaintances back into the space who will present two compelling dramas, perfect entertainment for the murky rain and cooler temperatures we see this time of year.

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