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WHERE POPPIES BLOW by Hannah Moscovitch

This blog post is from Salamander Theatre for Young Audiences Company Manager Sean Devine (who’s also the GCTC playwright-in-residence). Salamander Theatre will present their Remembrance Week play Where Poppies Blow at GCTC on Sunday November 2. 



Myth and Mystery from the Depths

As the new playwright-in-residence here at GCTC, developing a new work which centers on the famed Franklin Expedition, it was with just a wee bit of excitement that I turned on the news a few weeks ago to learn that one of the lost ships had in fact been discovered on the cold seabed of the Northwest Passage. As a playwright whose previous works have focused on obscure but pivotal moments in human history, it’s rewarding to learn that the subject of my fascination has just entered the realm of national relevance.


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