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Fringe Encore

Hello GCBlog readers! You might remember me from such posts about undercurrents, and… well, that’s about it. I left GCTC in 2013 when I became Festival Director at the Ottawa Fringe, but isn’t it nice of them to invite to me to write this!


undercurrents is (almost) over!

It's the last weekend of undercurrents – only two more days to experience GCTC's festival of independent theatre before it closes for 2014.



Two weeks to undercurrents!

If I'm blogging for GCTC it can only mean one thing – the 2014 undercurrents: theatre below the mainstream festival is just around the corner.



Another year, another Lawyer Play...

There are a few sure signs of spring in Hintonburg: the opening of the patio at the Royal Oak; construction on Holland Avenue; flowers at the Parkdale Market. Another: the GCTC is filled – PACKED – with lawyers.

In case you aren’t aware: every year, 20 (or more) members of Ottawa’s legal community come together to raise money for GCTC and a partner charity (this year was Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa). They donate their time and energy into selling tickets, sponsorships, and of course, attending rehearsals.



Has it really been just over a week since undercurrents closed? It’s hard to believe, since I’m still sifting through the remains of the festival on my (currently very messy) desk, and while the immediate buzz of the festival has begun to wear off there’s still lots to do before the books are closed on this year’s edition of the festival (such as, trying to find anything on my desk…).  


Time Flies

Where have the past nine days gone? Since undercurrents opened we’ve had six shows open (and one show close); 20 performances in the Studio; 8 performances in the lobby; sell out shows; hosted presenters, artistic directors, and VIPs from across the country; and had a kick ass party on Saturday night. All this, and still four days to go before closing!

(and to answer your question, yes, I am exhausted)

If you’ve been to the festival you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t, there’s still time to catch some festival shows before they’re gone forever.


Opening Night!

It’s opening night! Undercurrents is here! (and of course, you’ve already bought your six show pass, right?)


What's New at undercurrents 2013

With only six days until the festival (you have your tickets, right?), and undercurrents going into its third year in 2013, the question I am inevitably getting is “what’s different this year? How has the festival changed since it began?” Lucky for you, I have answers...

Seven shows
While we added an extra performance for each show last year, we’ve gone one better in 2013 and added an entire extra show, Bread, being staged in the Irving Greenberg Theatre lobby.


(Less than) Two Weeks to undercurrents

The 2013 undercurrents festival is (less than) two weeks away.

What does that mean to you? You’re (less than) two weeks away from my favourite theatre event of the year. I am, however, completely biased.


undercurrents 2013... LAUNCHED!

I have a great job: traveling around the country, seeing great theatre, and bringing my favourites back home to Ottawa to share (also, sometimes there is free food and beer). Not to mention, of course, Ottawa's own thriving independent theatre scene, which keeps me firmly glued to theatre seats across the city week after week.  


Now, after weeks of keeping secrets it was great to officially launch the 2013 edition of undercurrents: theatre below the mainstream in the Fritzi Gallery last night (thanks for coming, everyone!).


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