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Welcome to the new Director’s Circle.

Since joining the GCTC team back in January, I’ve spend a lot of time learning about our donor base. I wanted to learn what compels you to give. And I also wanted to determine if the different ways we show our appreciation for your investment were welcome and useful. I wondered, "Is there more we could be doing to thank you for your loyalty?"



What's the story behind the bee tattoo?

Since launching the 2013-14 season three years ago, the GCTC honey bee has become a sort of (hopefully now recognizable) brand for our theatre company. It was Eric’s fearless first season at GCTC that first introduced it, and since then we’ve worked to incorporate it into all our marketing campaigns, shaking things up a little year by year.



Modern Media and the Theatre

The landscape of arts reporting in general -- and theatre criticism, in particular -- is changing.



Do you have a tale to tell?

This fall, GCTC will be part of an exciting Canadian collaboration that has everybody talking.


Rewarding art with art

I’ve always had a strong connection to visual art. When I was seven, appearing as Gretel in a production of The Sound of Music in Winnipeg, I earned $37.50 a week for the three-week run. That was a fortune to me at the time. My parents didn’t give us an allowance, so I wasn’t used to spending or saving money and, as a result, not quite sure what to do with my earnings when the weekly envelopes were distributed at the 1/2 hour call.



Pinch me!

The GCTC is a pretty remarkable place, with some pretty remarkable people working hard to make the artistic director’s vision come to life. This was really apparent at our recent 14/15 40th anniversary season launch where all of us behind the scenes were made a part of the announcement.


So many plays, so little time

This time of year is all about renewal. The days get longer, the temperatures get milder and Ottawans come out of hibernation to enjoy patios, festivals and great Canadian theatre.


"When you're a jet, you're a jet all the way"

Last summer, when temperatures floated around 30˚C (compared to the chilly -27˚C that greeted us today) I introduced myself to GCTC Artistic Director Eric Coates with a coffee and a proposition: “If I could find funding to help support an internship, would you be willing to bring me on board to learn about the fundamentals of artistic direction?”


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