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GCTC on Indiegogo

Today, GCTC has launched its first Indiegogo Capital Building Campaign Drive, in an effort to raise $25,000 to help us eliminate the Capital Building Fund shortfall. The challenge has been there for GCTC since its move in 2007, from a renovated truck garage to the new and improved theatre centre, known as the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre.  The campaign will run from March 20 to May 19, 2013.


My Valentine Blog

Resistance was futile. Finally and inevitably, my first blog with GCTC, since I joined the company (last August), the company of great and happy people with likewise hearts and minds, and an inspiration to watch and follow the lead of. And what do I get to blog about… out of all things given?! LOVE! Call it lucky or a mere coincidence?

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