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Food and Theatre

What makes a visit to a GCTC show a great package? Dinner at a fancy restaurant, of course! Well, you might say it's not the only thing that can make your theatre night perfect.  In fact, it doesn't have to be a fancy restaurant at all. It's the quality of food and service, and the company you're with that matter most. Plus, there are so many other little things you have to consider to make your evening a success.


New Year - New Lawyer Play

Happy New Year! Another year has gone by and a new one is on its roll, full of new hopes and new beginnings, new challenges and new achievements, and... a new Lawyer Play! Hard to believe how quickly the time went by since the last Lawyer Play. Seems like not too long ago we wrapped up the season and here we are again, at the foot of the mountain, ready to start the ball rolling on the next lawyer play adventure. It's a never-ending cycle of hard work, excitement build-up, gratitude and fun.



A Midsummer Night's Dream...or reality

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is soon to become a big reality. We are two weeks away from the performance dates and all the teams – from production to box office, and to our cast of dedicated lawyers, are working hard and looking forward to making this year’s Lawyer Play another big success.  The selection of the play was not traditional, which may have raised some doubts and fears... But, after a couple of text coaching lessons, the lawyers proved again that they can succeed in pretty much any play given to them.


The Lawyer Play kick off

The GCTC's biggest and most successful fundraiser, the Lawyer Play, has kicked off last night with the Meet & Greet event in the "Fritzi" Gallery of GCTC. The play chosen this year, which is the 15th Anniversary Lawyer Play, is no other but an all-time favourite - A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.


Amazing Bike-A-Thon

It was an exciting weekend at GCTC. Our first Bike-A-Thon took its launch this past Sunday morning, September 15th. It was a beautiful day, with nice and crisp weather perfectly fit for biking. Seventeen fearless bikers gathered at GCTC early Sunday morning, ready to ride for great Canadian theatre. The spirit and enthusiasm of the participants were admirable, not to mention some skillfully crafted bee costumes and accessories that caused quite a buzz along the biking paths, being a delightful sight not only for kids but for adults too. 


Bee Buzz

For some of us summer vacation has sadly come to an end, and we're back at work in full swing, prepping for the opening of our new season, which by the way opens in three weeks! Sounds like the fun is over and the work begins, right? Not if you are with GCTC. It's Pride parade this weekend! GCTC has been an enthusiastic supporter of Pride for many years. And I am happy to be a part of it again this year. It's my way of showing support for GCTC and Pride at the same time.


Artistic Director's Indiegogo musical inspiration


It's May 1st today and we're rolling into the last month of our Indiegogo Capital Campaign run. Thanks to the generous donations from over 120 individuals, our campaign is almost at $10,000 now. With 19 more days left to go, there is $15, 000 more to raise and plenty of opportunities to promote the campaign.



GCTC's Indiegogo is a go-go at $6,000

There was a lot of excitement this week for GCTC. Our new 13/14 Season took a long awaited launch on Monday, taking audience members by surprise and fearless attitude, starting with the sparkling wine in the mainstage theatre, followed by the bold and dazzling appearances of some of the new season stars. Curious to know who? Check out the recent blog by Eric Coates and you will know who and what's in store for our next 13/14 season at GCTC.



GCTC's Indiegogo Capital Campaign raised over $5,000

We’re almost two weeks into our Indiegogo Capital Campaign Drive and to-date we’ve raised over $5,000 thanks to our generous donors and supporters. Thank You All! for keeping our Indiegogo story alive and going. It’s staggering to see such a tremendous support and appreciation from people who love theatre and understand the importance of this campaign.



GCTC's Indiegogo weekly update

It’s been 5 days since the launch of our Indiegogo campaign and we are already at $2,616! What a great start to our campaign! Huge THANKS! to all who came out to support us.

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