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Of Reverie, Teen exhibition ends off a wonderful the season of art at the Fritzi!

Ottawa based Teen artists Maia Weintrager and Leah Cosman debuted their watercolour and ink drawings at the Fritzi, opening their exhibition, Of Reverie, just this pass week on June 4th. What an opening night, it was a huge success!


BIRDS OF A FEATHER @ The Fritzi Gallery

This past week I had the delight of hanging a new exhibit at the Fritzi Gallery. We opened a new group exhibit titled Birds of a Feather and are very happy to say this exhibit is part of TD Canada Trust’s Then and Now Series for Black History Month. The exhibition features 10 of our own local artists, showcasing their recent work from 2014.



Erasing the lines between imagination and reality Illustrated @ the Fritzi Gallery

Illustration has always been one of my favourite genres of art! It is the primary basis and the starting point for most if not all artwork in any different mediums. An illustration depicts something seen, remembered or imagined through a drawing, sketch, painting, photograph, or other graphical representation. The word illustrate comes from the Latin illustro, “to enlighten.” There are many ways to illustrate a story.



Claudia Gutierrez New Works at The Fritzi

Heading into late fall we have opened our first solo exhibition of the season with new works by Claudia Gutierrez, a local multidisciplinary artist specializing in painting.

Originally from British Columbia, Gutierrez completed her fine arts education at the Ottawa School of Art (OSA) and School of Photographic Arts (SPAO). She currently maintains her practice here in Ottawa.



This September, the Fritzi is glad to welcome to the space local artists Josée Prud'homme and Joejene Santos. They are artists that have a great passion for what they do and what they create.  Both working with abstract forms, their works are landscapes of shape, movement and textures. Exploring themes from Emil Sher's The Boy in the Moon, the artwork asks the viewer to look for deeper meanings, for layers, new interpretations and new truths.


Wrapping up the season at the Fritzi!

I am so happy to be here and to have met such wonderful artists this season. I would like to thank them for their amazing dedication and art work which has only helped to strengthen the fabric of our Gallery space. With every new piece that graces our walls or floor space, comes a deeper meaning and essence to the soul of the Gallery. This past season we were able to have a mixture of solo and group exhibitions highlighting local artists, representing the city we live in and the creative minds that help keep it vibrant.

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