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Off and running

GCTC’s first production is finally here. The Secret Mask premiered to a full house last Thursday and the phone calls and emails have not stopped since. Aided by the arrival of GCTC’s new artistic director Eric Coates and his interview on CBC radio and numerous newspapers, this show is sure to be a hit. A compelling story about heartache, abandonment, illness, and forgiveness; George must help settle affairs for his ailing father Ernie whom he hasn’t seen in over forty years. All performances are terrific and the script is quirky and tightly woven in a fantastic narrative.


Gearing Up

As the summer shortens, so does our season prep to do list. Time now to transition into "show mode". New staff have been hired, volunteers have been signed up, floors have been waxed, walls were painted, subscriptions have been renewed, ticket envelopes are stuffed and everyone is eagerly awaiting that first night when the curtain rises and the lights dim on the new season.


Volunteers 2013 & Subscription early bird

The GCTC Box Office has been mighty busy this week with our favourite crew – our volunteers! This week marked the first of our Volunteer Orientation and Training Sessions. We begin these with sessions designed for our returning volunteers, where they get the chance to review our procedures and learn about all the new additions to our upcoming season. We also get the chance to have a chat with them about last season, and through this we’ve received lots of really great feedback. The 2012-2013 is looking great, with a fabulous team of volunteers eager to begin their duties!



Yesterday. June 18th, 2012 EST, GCTC hosted its annual volunteer appreciation party. It was a fun filled relaxed BBQ with poker, blackjack, drinks, and good people. The theme of the evening was Monte Carlo. GCTC created a custom cocktail dubbed `the voluntini` while gambling recreationally, yet aggressively. Every year we hand out an award for an outstanding volunteer, we give this to one volunteer as we do not have a sufficient enough budget to reward them all with en graved plague.



Another season has come to an end. Sets have been disassembled, lights are being lowered, lobbies swept, and curtains closed. Another season has wrapped here at the GCTC.
But we are looking ahead to the summer working hard to prepare for what should be a fantastic and successful 2013 season that begins in September.
New initiatives will be ironed out, partnerships will be solidified, subscriptions will be bought, sold, and given as gifts. After all, everyone loves the theatre.


the 6th and final show...

So…the Lawyer Play has wrapped for another year and subscriptions are selling very, very well. It is now time to shift focus on to our next show, Circle Mirror Transformation; the sixth and final show in a strong 2011-2012 season.  The cast, crew, and staff of GCTC assembled Tuesday May 1st for the first script read.

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