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It's All Out War!

This is a crazy busy time at GCTC with the opening of the undercurrents Festival, the main stage play This Is War by Hannah Moscovitch, an Acoustic Wave concert and the Fearless Women Panel, but we think “the more the merrier”.


It's All Out War!

This is a crazy busy time at GCTC with the opening of the Undercurrants Festival, the main stage play This Is War by Hannah Moscovitch, an Accoustic Wave concert and the Fearless Women Panel, but we think “the more the merrier” And speaking of the Fearless Womens Panel the 2013-2014 season here at GCTC had one thing different than any other season. For each of the plays this season we have presented a Fearless Women Panel. The panel is led by a group of accomplished and distinguished women and while the audience is treated to coffee and desserts they engage the panel in a Q & A .


Kerry's week out and about

Monday,  December 2nd was my first time at the Capital Critics Awards Gala in the Salon of the NAC. The NAC imagine that. I've heard of the Capital Critics Awards before, but this was my first up close and personal experience.  The Capital Critics Circle began in 1980 with a group of theatre critics with backgrounds as varied as the plays they review.  They have a number of categories similar to most theatre awards: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Design, Best Production etc. They review local work, both professional and community.


Glisten: A Handmade Holiday

If you are looking for macaroni art or pipe cleaner decorations you won’t find them at Glisten. But if it’s beautiful one of a kind jewelery, home decor and fashions items you are seeking then the Great Canadian Theatre Company is the place. On Saturday Nov. 16th from 10 am to 3 pm, GCTC and Urban Craft is hosting the third annual Glisten! A Handmade Holiday Event.


We All Came From Somewhere

In the play that is touching our audiences right now called You Fancy Yourself,  Maja  Ardal shows us what it’s like to try and adapt to a new country, a new culture and new people. Told through the eyes of a child whose family moves from Iceland to Scotland, the struggles to fit in are sometimes hilarious and sometimes heart breaking. Although the story is a true one it takes on a whole new meaning when it is told by other women.



"Bee A Star" with GCTC and Culture Days

As Culture Days sweeps across the country Ottawa is offering up hundreds of FREE activities for families, adults, seniors and kids. If you have children between the ages of 6-12, GCTC should be first on your list of events to check out! If your child longs for the stage or if they are shy and reserved, theatre may be something to introduce them to. What better way for a kid to learn about live theatre than by attending an acting workshop taught by talented and dedicated senior students from the OYP Theatre School. 


Bee-Izzzy Month at GCTC (Part 2)

Next weekend the GCTC we will host 2 amazing and very different events. On Saturday night Oct 21st  is Nuit Blanche 2013, a city wide event that runs into the wee hours of the morning. The evening starts at 8pm with an incredible installation in the Studio Theatre on the second floor called Glitch.


Bee-Izzzy Month at GCTC

If you think that the only thing that goes on at the GCTC is a play that would be wrong. Tonight after the 8:00 performance the Great Canadian Theatre Company is thrilled to present the first in an electrifying debate series sponsored by The Hill Times and Embassy called Friday Night Fights.


When is a Bus..A Bee

This year the amazing staff and Board of the Great Canadian Theatre Company came through with flying colours. With the prefabrication work of the GCTC production department and the decorating and tech support of staff and their partners, a bussette from First Student was transformed into a fearless GCTC bee. The bee is specific to our new season theme, fearless. Our bees walked the entire route handing out very popular GCTC bee buttons and dancing to terrific music coming from the bus. This year Pride was attended by more than 30,000 people along the route and then back at Festival Plaza.


If it's August, it must be PRIDE!

Once again, this year the staff of GCTC will give up a Sunday, arrive early to work together, laugh together, and turn this bus, excuse me this busette, into a BEE…as in “Be Fearless”. “Be Fearless” is not only the name of the season, but it also is how I see my colleges who are not lesbian or gay but understand that this is a special day for anyone who thinks who you sleep with makes no difference to who you are as a person and how you choose to show it. For the last number of years we have been part of Pride in the parade and at the information fair.

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