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Message from the Director

This year would be the 100th birthday of Arthur Miller (world renowned playwright best known for The Crucible and Death of a Salesman). I have to say, it was a daunting task to tackle one of the more obscure works from this intellectual giant, but nevertheless, one worth digging into and full of delightful treasures and challenging ideas. Contrary to what one might think, the appeal of this play was the “other business” rather than “the creation of the world” and all that goes with that.



Two Shows With All Female Casts Open This Thursday


I am delighted to have another opportunity to blog on GCTC's website. After our production moved into the studio this past Sunday, I came to the realization that both 9th Hour's Agnes of God and GCTC's Fly Me To The Moon feature all female casts, and are opening on the same night, this Thursday, in the same building. How cool is that? And how rare even?



Agnes of God in the Studio

I would first of all like to express appreciation to GCTC for giving me the opportunity to blog about our upcoming production in the studio, Agnes of God, showing November 1-10. Before I share more about the show, allow me to introduce myself and the company: my name is Jonathan Harris and I’m the founding artistic director of 9th Hour Theatre Company. 9th Hour was founded in 2009 with a mandate to creatively engage theatre in order to explore, examine, and express questions of faith and spiritual themes.

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