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Blue Box Opens at GCTC!

Well another exciting opening has come and gone and the run of our 4th show of the season is well on its way! Blue Box opened on Jan17th with a bang!
Our partners Mambo and Kinki Restaurant showed their support for Chile and GCTC with an amazing array of food. Everything from traditional South American cuisine to Kinki's famous sushi! The words Impressive and delicious are my words to describe two of my new favorite restaurants. Check out their website and see for yourself .... www.mambonuevolatino.com.


The Number 14

What an adventure! If any of you drove by GCTC last night you may of seen the vintage OC Transpo bus that was parked out front. A fitting prop for the opening night of The Number 14, a comedy about riding the bus! Thanks to The Courtyard Restaurant who presented a lovely array of delicious post show snack that were just as pretty as they were yummy. The restaurant located at 21 George Street in the ByWard Market offer superb cuisine and a charming atmosphere for any occasion! I hope everyone who was there had a great time and enjoyed the show. See you all in 2013!!!


Opening Night Party

Thanks to the cast and crew of Fly Me To the Moon. Opening night was a fantastic performance filled with energy and life! The icing on the cake was the post show party hosted by one of my favorite caterers The Foodery. Chef and owner Bernard Durand excited the pallets of guests with a innovative and distinctive array of food. His staff was a fantastic group of smiling servers who blended effortlessly throughout the crowd to provide a taste of what I would call fine cuisine art!


2012/2013 Season

Back in business and getting ready for the first show. Where did the summer go? "The Secret mask" will be opening on the main stage on Tuesday September 11th so come on out and get a ticket to the first show of the 2012/2013 season. It's going to be a blast!


Good Kids

Last weekend I rented the Studio for a sweet 16 birthday party for twins.  The party was mostly planned by mom of course, with home made cupcakes and a great spread of sandwiches.


Canada Day Celebration Recognition!

Canada Day Celebration Recognition!


An awesome send off to the season!!

The play, the people and the party, it was an awesome night for all at the opening night of Circle Mirror Transformation last night.   With the set of Circle being a backdrop of a simple community centre it only seemed fitting to bring the theme into the lobbies.  Where would you eat if you were at a community centre?  Well at the snack bar of course!  Shirley’s Community Centre Snack Bar was fun, funny and yes  most certainly tacky! 


Lawyer Play Success!!

With the much anticipated launch of the Lawyer Play 2012, let me tell you it was worth the wait!  Months of late night rehearsals paid off as the lawyers took the stage for the production of His Girl Friday.  Standing ovation roars were heard throughout the building as each show ended with a bang and opened the crowd to a celebratory gala like no other.  

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