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Downtime? What downtime?!

Well, here we are once again, coming to the end of another season. Our last show The Public Servant is in full rehearsals and we’re just a week away from opening. Sales are going extremely well, which reminds me, if you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, you better do it fast.



Let's give them something to talk about

Hello everyone! GCTC has a long history of providing our audiences with an opportunity to discuss what they have seen on stage or what they are about experience in the theatre. It is part community outreach, part education and always informative. It is a long standing tradition that I’m happy to say continues as we open the 2014-15 season with the World Premiere of The Boy in the Moon.



Spring is in the air and it’s time for subscription renewals!

Renewal packages for next season have gone out and we’re getting a great response. It was a long road to get to this point. Planning for subscriptions is a never-ending loop. It starts with daily reports the moment you sell that first seat, continuous evaluation on a daily basis, and endless number crunching. The data gleaned from all those efforts is used to formulate the pricing of single tickets, subscriptions and how the theatre will be sectioned.


My first lawyer play....audition

This week seems to be a week of firsts. My colleague Kerry is not the only one being faced with new experiences. Last night I assisted undercurrents Festival Director, Patrick Gauthier and GCTC Assistant Production Manager Seth Gerry in the auditions for the Annual Lawyer Play.



Tapping Into a Generation

This is my first blog ever. As Andrew, Marketing Manager here at GCTC said, “This one should write itself.” We’ll see.


I am new to Ottawa. I arrived in October of last year to join my husband Jeep Jeffries who had started as the new General Director of Opera Lyra Ottawa in July. I have worked in almost all administrative capacities, from box office to marketing, fundraising and public relations.


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