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An appreciation of MacBeth

I think I said yes before he finished asking the question.

In the late fall Artistic Director Eric Coates had called me up to his office. The previous evening he’d had been at a meeting with the Lawyer Play Committee and they had made a couple of decisions about the 2017 Lawyer Play fundraiser hosted by GCTC. First, they had decided they wanted to do MacBeth; second, they wanted me to direct. Was I interested?


Yes. Certainly, yes.



So why ride in the GCTC Bike-A-Thon?

Well, they’ve been very kind to me, more than the obvious: ‘Yippee I got work in the season’ kind too. Just very generally good and kind.


For instance, when my family was contemplating our move to Ottawa I wrote to a couple of theatres to find out what was going on in the city and where, if anywhere, I might find work. The only person who replied was Lise Ann Johnson at the GCTC. She offered to meet with me in person and we spent some time chatting about the theatrical landscape of Ottawa. Nice, eh?


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