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Eric Coates picks four must-see performances at undercurrents

This article was originally posted on Apartment 613.



The Artists of Generous by Michael Healey

Generous by Michael Healey runs until this coming Sunday, September 27 and there are very few tickets left. Each weeknight performance is booked nearly to capacity, so do not hesitate if you want to see this wonderful show.


Future of Ottawa: Fear and hope for our theatre scene

The following blog post was originally posted on Apartment 613 as part of their series The Future of Ottawa (arts and culture edition). You can find the original posting for the article here



Canada Council Supports 2014/15 Playwright in Residence

We are delighted to welcome Sean Devine to GCTC as playwright-in-residence, supported by the Canada Council for the Arts. From September 2014 through February, Sean will be developing his new work Glacier, a political and historical ‘ghost story’ set on an ice shelf in the Canadian Arctic. Recently arrived from Vancouver, Sean is a playwright, producer, actor, and co-artistic director of Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre, Ottawa’s newest theatre company.


From Artistic Director to Actor

When I announced that I would appear as an actor in the premiere of George F. Walker’s The Burden of Self Awareness some people reacted with surprise. I suspect that the most commonly asked question in media interviews this year has been, “Why did you cast yourself in this show?”


World Theatre Day

March 27 is World Theatre Day! I know that most of you are already well aware of this and you're probably taking time off from the celebration just to read this post, but just in case you didn't have it on your calendar, here's a link to the World Theatre Day Message:


"Desdemona's" First Day

Some might say that the first day of rehearsal is similar to the first day of school. That may be true, if the first day of school requires you to sit with a group of peers and read aloud for two hours under the scrutiny of roomful of theatre lovers, including staff, stakeholders and volunteers. For the actor, the first read can be an agonizing, if sometimes delicious, experience. Everyone has waited for this day and each actor feels the approach of their first cue knowing that all in attendance have a arrived with a full compliment of expectations.


Proud of Proud

Most of the conversations I have these days begin with my response to a statement that goes something like this: “You must be happy with Proud.” Let’s cut to the chase and say that “happy” is vast understatement. I am thrilled – and not just because the production is selling like hotcakes. I am thrilled because people across the spectrum are paying attention. The mainstream media, notorious for its dwindling interest in theatre, devoted an unprecedented amount of airtime and column space to the show prior to opening night. And once it did open, the reviews came fast, furious and positive.


Proud to Pedal

I have been assigned a leading role in this weekend's Bike-a-thon. It is my great pleasure to lead the pelaton through the course, riding my red Nishiki Olympic road bike, purchased in downtown Guelph at Forum Sports in the spring of 1986. I splurged $500 on its magnificent chro-moly double-butted frame and alloy components.


Welcome to our new Playwright in Residence

New plays have been my primary focus since 1995 when I joined the Blyth Festival, a rural theatre company that churns out new plays at the same rate as the local farmers harvest their crops. Given that a traditional farmer might bring in hay, barley, 2nd cut hay and corn, the comparison is apt. But not many theatres can sustain birthing four new plays per year. Here at GCTC, we typically bring one new work to life each year and my goal is to double that by 2015. But it takes time, resources and the collective will of the company, the playwright and the audience to build this practice.

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