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The reviews are in!!

Well folks, the reviews are in and Circle Mirror Transformation is a bonafide hit! It started with the opening night reception. I was hanging out by the bar in Domicile Hall (our lower lobby) waiting for all the patrons to come out and I could hear the uproarious laughter coming from inside the theatre on the intercom. When the show was over and people started filing out, everyone had big smile on their face and chatter was abundant.


Something for the young ones.....

This year GCTC introduced a new-ish flex pass to our subscription offerings. It used to be called the Edgepass previously, but we've since rebranded it Edge/35 for anyone 35 years of age or under. This pass gives the purchaser six flexible tickets that can be used in any combination.

Wanna see all six of our plays next season? Get this pass.

Wanna see 3 shows with your sweetheart? Get this pass.

Wanna bring a bunch of friends to go see one show? Get this pass.


Arthur Milner at Collected Works

For those who aren't familiar with Arthur Milner (no, he wasn't married to Marilyn Monroe), he's got a long history with the Great Canadian Theatre Company. From 1978-1991 he was a resident playwright and from 1991-1995 he was the Artistic Director for GCTC.



Welcome to GCTC's new website!

Hi there theatre lovers and welcome to GCTC's new website and our 2012-13 season! Let me tell you, it's been a LOOOOOONG time coming getting this website up and running. Finding the time to create a new website, finding the money to design one, going through different versions, fixing technical glitches, and various other delays have made it take much longer that I originally expected to get this site live. We're past all that now and here it is!


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