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Busy time in theatre

It's been a while since I posted a blog entry in here, but that's because it's been a really busy time in the theatre. We're in the thick of season planning for the upcoming 2013-14 season and I really think you're going to like what we've got planned. There's a lot of stuff that will be changing in and around the theatre and we're really excited to let you know all about it. Though, you won't know about it until April 15 when we actually launch our new season. Heck, we've even got new and cool things planned for the season launch!


Back to work in 2013

Happy 2013 from the Great Canadian Theatre Company! Today everyone returned from their well-deserved holidays with stories about relaxing, stressing, travelling, being with family, getting sick and all sorts of other tales. The time off was great, but everyone is thrilled to be back in the theatre getting back to what we love to do. 


Queen's students visit GCTC

Today we had the please of hosting some terrific students visiting from Queen's University. These students are part of the Artist-in-Community Education program at the Queen's Faculty of Education which focuses on arts and arts-based teaching. All the students have arts backgrounds, many at the professional level. The program aims to prepare students to be able to both teach in a classroom and to be able to be able to work in educational roles at arts agencies.


Deals, deals and more deals!

Now that our season is completely in full swing, we've started giving some thought to some additional things we can offer our patrons. After some lengthy discussion, we've come up with some great ways for our patrons to save money on shows throughout our season. The first of which you might have been privy to if you attended Urban Craft at the beginning of October. The first 500 attendees were given discounts of 20% off performances of Fly Me to the Moon in November.


Closing The Secret Mask

This past Sunday was the last performance of GCTC's production of The Secret Mask by Rick Chafe. This show was a terrific way to kick off our 2012-13 season as it not only saw some returning faces to the GCTC stage, but it was also the recipient of terrific reviews from critics and audiences alike. Here are just a few tidbits from some of the reviews we received:



Gearing up for The Secret Mask

September is an exciting time to be working at the Great Canadian Theatre Company right now. It's a month that's only six days old and has already seen the 1 year anniversary of our buddies at Urban Craft, and there's lots more to come! We've got the beginning of our 2012-13 season with the opening of The Secret Mask (a terrific, heartwarming show, with a great dose of humour). Our new Artistic Director, Eric Coates will be starting in September also.


Fly with Stones: RECAP

Yesterday we held an event called "Fly with Stones" in our lower lobby. There were a few reasons we decided to throw this party:


Single tickets on sale!

With summer halfway done at this point, it's time for our early bird deals on subscriptions to end. While the savings of the early bird are gone, the opportunity to purchase single tickets have now opened up. This gives our patrons the great opportunity to pick which shows they want to see. If you'd like to take the whole family to see The Number 14, now you can!


City Chase, Pride and who knows what else

Just because our season is over for the summer and there aren't any plays going on doesn't mean the GCTC offices completely shut down.....far from it! Coming up this weekend, GCTC is one of the venues participating in The Mitsubishi City Chase in Ottawa on Saturday. This is our second year participating in it and I think we've got something really great planned for the contestants this year.


Light Cleaning Day!

With the season now officially over, we get into a lot of maintenance work or little projects that we've been meaning to do for a while. For the crew that involves cleaning the lights on our mainstage. Our production crew was gracious enough to invite all of the administrative staff into the mainstage to help them out with cleaning some of the lights if we happened to be interested in it. A couple of people jumped at the opportunity......most stayed upstairs though.

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