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Great reviews for You Fancy Yourself

So by now you've probably seen You Fancy Yourself at least twice, so you know exactly what the reviews are talking about, right? NO? Well clearly you've been missing out on what people have been saying. You Fancy Yourself opened on October 17 and the great reviews started rolling in almost immediately!


Busy times at GCTC....part 367

It seems like every time my name comes up in the blogging rotation, I write about how things are busy at GCTC currently. Well, it’s no different this time as we’re heading into our third consecutive weekend of special events (in addition to Proud coming to the end of its run of sold out shows). So yes, it’s a busy time at GCTC!


Future photos

Yesterday we had all manner of characters and faces coming into GCTC's studio for a photo shoot with everyone's favourite photographer, Andrew Alexander. What are those photos for? Well, I can't really tell you, bust rest assured that you'll find out soon enough. Perhaps as soon as our first show! And trust me, it's pretty cool.


GCTC congratulates Sandra Oh on receiving Key to the City

The GCTC office has been abuzz the last couple of days for one particular reason. On July 8, Mayor Jim Watson presented everyone’s favourite Grey’s Anatomy cast member (sorry Ellen Pompeo) Sandra Oh, with the Key to the City of Ottawa. Everyone in Ottawa has a soft spot for Sandra Oh because she’s an international renowned and recognized actor, born and bred right here in Ottawa; she’s a hometown girl in the truest sense.


An introduction to GCTC

Over the last two days, I've had the opportunity to participate in two events that introduced new youth audiences to GCTC is very different ways. Last night I attended an information/meet and greet session at the brand new Blyth Academy in Ottawa. GCTC has partnered with the Blyth Academy in a very unique way; students taking drama courses at the Blyth Academy will be given the opportunity to receive part of their instruction and learning at GCTC using our facilities, personnel and resources.


Rosa Laborde on CBC's All In A Day

Yesterday during your drive home, you might have caught the playwright for Like Wolves, Rosa Laborde being interviewed by Alan Neal on CBC's All in A Day. Rosa was there to talk (obviously) about Like Wolves, her hilarious comedy which had its first preview last night and opens tomorrow night. Rosa's been making the rounds lately, so here's a recap of some stuff before you see the show:



Up close and personal with Eric Coates

Our fearless Artistic Director Eric Coates is everywhere lately. Besides being a general fixture of the Ottawa arts scene, Eric gets around the media circles too. Posted on the weekend, Eric conducted an interview with Jim Murchison of the Charlebois Post Canada. For anyone wanting to know more about Eric, where the "Fearless" theme came from, how the bee ties into GCTC and much more, check out this article (link below).



The Lawyer Play is here!

Tonight is the night! Tonight is the first official performance of the CCLA/GCTC 14th annual Lawyer Play. Ask anyone around the office, any of the actors/lawyers, designers, or anyone else involved in it, and they'll tell you that this work really is a labour of love. Every year the legal community and the theatre community work their collective butts off and come together to put together a show to entertain, enrich, and raise some money for some great causes (this year our charity partner is Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa).


ECP opens to great reviews

The Edward Curtis Project opened last Thursday after two nights of previews. Audience and critical reactions have been overwhelming in their praise of our second co-production with the National Arts Centre. You can definitely tell that this is a show with a strong word-of-mouth aspect that will help it reach audiences. The discussion on Twitter and Facebook surrounding the show has been terrific. @teclarin tweeted “Just saw #TheEdwardCurtisProject @GCTCLive with @ccalling- really powerful storytelling”.


World Theatre Day

Happy World Theatre Day everyone!! For those who don't know, World Theatre Day was created in 1961 by UNESCO, World Theatre Day is celebrated annually on March 27 by theatre communities around the globe. The impetus behind World Theatre Day is to honour and further UNESCO's International Theatre Institute’s goals to:

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