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The Burden of Self Awareness opens!

Last night we opened our last show of the season with the world premiere of The Burden of Self Awareness by Canadian legend, George F. Walker.  This is (I think) the 10th George F. Walker show put on by GCTC throughout its history. There’s just something about his plays that our audiences eat up.


Spring cleaning yields great finds!

Spring cleaning is an annual thing at GCTC. Whether it's the storage unit underneath the stage, or the office itself, it's always a dreaded task that needs to be done. One of the more interesting places to clean is the storage unit in our board room. Now I know cleaning a storage unit sounds super-boring, and.....well it is. But pretty often we come across some cool finds that have been buried through 12 months of more and more stuff.

Here's a couple of cool posters we came across that clearly weren't dealt with last year that have now become brand new wall art.



Wow! What a whirlwind it has been leading up to last night. If you didn't know, last night, GCTC launched its 40th anniversary season. It's a season that has a little of everything: Bollywood style dance, Ottawa's favourite clowns, a hit from Vancouver, an adaptation of an acclaimed book, a new play from Daniel MacIvor and the return of a sold-out show from undercurrents that tackles a career in the public service. You can have the entire season laid out for you by our Artistic Director Eric Coates in the video below.


Mary Walsh ambushes Ottawa media

Did you hear? Mary Walsh is coming to GCTC. Well the time has finally arrived and Mary Walsh/Marg Delahunty is actually HERE! She’s been on the GCTC stage and performed her show Dancing with Rage once already. So, it’s kind of a big deal.  Yesterday was the media call: a day where a scene is performed several times for media and interviews are given. Yesterday was a media call unlike most others though. Instead of preparing a scene Marg Delahunty actually ambushed the media like she’s done to so many other unfortunate politicians and Canadian figures.


The end of February brings March fun!

Aren’t we all happy to be seeing this dreary and dismal February coming to an end? After a great time at undercurrents and the closing of This is War, what else does February really have to offer anyways, right? Not much. The end of February offers plenty of possibilities though! As if you didn’t already know, the fabulous (never has there been a more appropriate use of the word) Mary Walsh is coming to our fair theatre with her incredible one-woman show Dancing with Rage in just a matter of weeks.  If you haven’t already booked your tickets, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!!!


Media day at GCTC

Today we just finished our media call for Hannah Moscovitch’s This is War. The media call is a time when invited media come to GCTC to view scenes of the show that have been prepared for promotion. The scene will be performed a couple of times for the video cameras in attendance, and then once more for the still cameras. Afterwards, the cast and crew become available to the media in attendance for interview segments.


The creative process begins...

Now that everyone is back from their winter holidays, it’s time to get back to some serious work. Some of that serious work includes the beginning of the creative process of creating the brochure for GCTC’s upcoming season. This consists of brainstorming meetings with our graphic designer from Friction Creative. Friction Creative has been designing for GCTC for over 20 years (I think....definitely as far back as I can remember) and they’ve created a multitude of styles for our various seasons.


Holiday time at GCTC

It’s getting closer and closer to closing time at GCTC. Every year for the holidays, the office, theatre and box office close down so everyone can recharge their batteries and enjoy time with their families.  So right now everyone is focusing on wrapping up their final duties of the year. We launched the fourth annual undercurrents: theatre below the mainstream festival last week.


A peek into rehearsals

Recently I ventured into our studio theatre to check out rehearsals of our upcoming show Goodnight Desdemona, (Good Morning Juliet) and to snap a few pictures. I was treated to some nice snippits of scenes from the show that were being rehearsed at the time. It started out with just Zach Counsil and director Ann Hodges rehearsing one scene. Because it was in the rehearsal hall, there were stand-in props and no real stage or set.


Halloween at GCTC

Yesterday GCTC (along with the rest of the world) celebrated Halloween. There were an abundance of colourful costumes (nobody really went the spooky route) and fun activities. Best of all the activities was the pumpkin carving contest! The staff was split up into four teams and each team came up with their own design for their pumpkin. You can see some of the carving and the finished pumpkins below. 

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