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Finally cross that person off your list!

Oh shopping. We’ve all been there; a lot of us are there right now. You’ve got that person on your list that you’ve wracked your brain about and you still can’t find a gift for them. You’re days out from Christmas Day and all the standard gifts just won’t work: an LCBO gift card is too impersonal; you don’t know what restaurants they like; and they’ve already got plenty of socks. That elusive gift that can satisfy almost anyone is hard to find, but we’re pretty certain we’ve found it.


“In the Lobby” RECAP

Well that was a fun night.

If you weren’t at GCTC Saturday night (it’s okay, some of you are social butterflies) then you missed the debut of an energetic and lively series from our Artistic Director Eric Coates. Along with some help from his band leader Hugh Neilson (GCTC’s Managing Director), Eric hosted the first “In the Lobby” late night talk show. “In the Lobby’ showcased the ever-increasing versatility of GCTC’s lobby, a sampling of the artists that live right here in Hintonburg, a chat with our city councillor, and much more.


GCTC and OPL together again

We’re just a little over a week away from opening our brand new 2015-16 season with Generous. With opening a new season comes a lot of different things. One of the things you can always count on is a new list of multimedia resources that tie-in to the themes of the plays in the season. This list comes courtesy of the lovely people at the Ottawa Public Library.



For those interested in voting at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), please take note of the notice below:


Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) is a not-for-profit company federally incorporated in 1975. Each year the corporation must hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to publicly report to its members on its operations and financial status, review the annual audited financial statements, appoint the auditor and elect board members.

Members of the corporation are subscribers and individuals from the community who have purchased a GCTC Membership*.


Janet Irwin to be honoured with the Victor Tolgesy Arts Award

A very important member of the GCTC family was honored this week by the Ottawa Arts Council for their contributions to the local arts scene. Janet Irwin received the Victor Tolgesy Arts Award which recognizes “the accomplishments of residents who have contributed substantially to enriching cultural life in our city.” Janet has made long-lasting impacts in the Ottawa theatre and opera community and with other arts organizations.


Celebrate World Theatre Day a little early

Every day I’m reminded of the impact and importance that theatre has in the lives of the people around me. That’s not hard to believe since I work in theatre though. I’m surrounded by actors, technicians, administrators and box office employees who make their living off of theatre in Ottawa or throughout Canada. I’m also constantly interacting with people that don’t work in theatre, but people who are lovers of theatre that are just as invested in it.



Today GCTC launched their 41st season and we couldn’t be happier about it. This marks the third season programmed by Artistic Director Eric Coates and it’s a got a lot of things to be excited about. The 2015-2016 season offers up political scandal; a tribute to our veterans; a local family holiday story; international intrigue; chilling vengeance and a visit from the Queen. The new season, subscription and ticket information are available on along with a video of Eric Coates, Hugh Neilson and the staff of GCTC introducing the new season.


Happy to be SHIPWRECKED!

Leave it to A Company of Fools to bring out the crowds for an opening night. I’m pretty sure the entire Ottawa theatre community was in the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre last night. And why not? A Company of Fools is an institution in Ottawa’s theatre community and when you’re that kind of an organization, you tend to make a lot of friends. And all those friends showed up last night to witness the world premiere of Pomme and ‘Restes: SHIPWRECKED! On the Tempestuous Lost Island of Never.


Pomme and 'Restes are back

Yesterday marked the first day that the beloved A Company of Fools were back in our building to start rehearsals on Pomme and ‘Restes: Shipwrecked! On the Tempestuous Lost Island of Never. I say “beloved” because in fact, they really are beloved here. Their last show that they did here (A Midwinter’s Dream Tale from 2011-12) was so well liked, that when Eric Coates began working here, there was a vocal contingent among the staff that campaigned for their return during the Christmas season.


The Boy in the Moon - First Read

This morning we had our first read for our first play of the 2014-15 season, The Boy in the Moon. The “first read” traditionally signals the first day of rehearsals for a play in our studio theatre and commences with presentations by designers on how the show will look and feel, and then concludes with the cast reading the script from beginning to end. Because of the strong visual nature of this piece, the director, our very own Artistic Director Eric Coates, decided to change things up a bit.

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