The origins of Circuit |

The origins of Circuit

Circuit began as an experiment adapting West African dance vocabulary for an integrated company, and combining these with contemporary movements offered by the dancers through improvisation tasks. 
I'm so grateful for the range of dance technique in this eclectic group of dancers and the intricate and passionate sounds of DRUMHAND, TO. All of the artists working in Circuit have brought a ton to the work.  

Originally, I didn't want to start the process working with a specific theme....I wanted the theme to emerge from the movements themselves.  As we worked in studio throughout the season, we also shared a lot of our struggles as artists, as parents, as people with disability, as people experiencing loss, people working in hard working conditions....and themes began to emerge.

I think Circuit speaks to transformation...from a place of struggle, to a place of inner reflection, resilience and strength and FREEDOM-- to stand up for what you love...knowing yourself and how you fit into the bigger picture.  And the importance of our interconnectedness with others.  I think Circuit really reflects this.


Circuit is one of the works that make up Propeller Dance's ROAR. Tickets are available here