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The Opposite of Tame

Lawyer Play rehearsals have begun!


In the chasm of the Artscourt Studio, 25-odd members of the Ottawa legal community read A Midsummer Night’s Dream formally, for the first time, this past Sunday. The cast is succinct, knowledgeable, and hilarious. Shakespearean text is difficult language to understand, at times, but the text coaching sessions the cast attended with GCTC’s Artistic Director Eric Coates in January, and an introductory lecture to Shakespeare by this year’s Lawyer Play Director, Patrick Gauthier, really paid-off.


The sex jokes make it easy to understand, too!


John Doucet, the Set Designer, walked the cast through his clever and stylized minimalist set design during the first read and Vanessa Imeson, the Costume Designer, introduced her finessed and detailed drawings to give the cast an idea of what they will be wearing for the show. Body suits, military apparel and mop-wigs abound, it’s sure to be a great design for the Lawyer Play.


Come-one, come-all to one of 4 performances, including an affordable preview night on April 23rd, as well as 3 Gala Evenings (catered delicacies, beer and wine included!) from April 24th to the 26th.  Hope to see you there! 


For more information on the 2015 CCLA/GCTC Lawyer Play Fundraiser please click here.


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