It's Back to School @ GCTC |

It's Back to School @ GCTC

It's back to school at GCTC. On Tuesday, our production crew rouse from their midsummer languor and join us back at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre for our upcoming 2012/2013 GCTC Season. Hugs were given, tears were shed, epic stories of love and loss were told; it was a lengthy 5 weeks.

But I should review the term 'languor.' Over the summer our 5 full time production crew members worked effectively on numerous exciting rentals at the Irving, repainted the public washrooms and lobby spaces, and maintained the sophisticated equipment that allows us all to do theatre in this building. Amongst family and personal obligations, they also provided support for all-manner of theatre productions, concerts, and outdoor events throughout the Ottawa and beyond. One of them even got married. And, despite their busy plans and schedules, they join us again for 6 new Mainstage productions, numerous rentals in the spaces of our building, the undercurrents Theatre Festival, the Acoustic Waves Concert Series, and all the other ongoing projects that GCTC and its consortium of associated organizations will mount this year. As we look over the design plans for Rick Chafe's The Secret Mask, the first show of our upcoming season, it is clear that this is going to be a year of intriguing theatrical challenges, great working relationships, and a significant year of growth. I, for one, am so happy that this superb team is back in the building for the season.

To Carter, Darryl, Sean, Steph, and Genny: happy school year!