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Hammershmidt's Thanks You

It's a wrap on the GCTC / CCLA Laywer Play (the 13th annual Lawyer Play, you know the one)!
This year's Parfumerie, by Miklos Lazlo and adapted by EP Dowdall, was a huge hit.  Celebrations, drinks and good eats abound over Thursday, Friday and Saturday night Gala Performances last week.  What a grand production.  Set designed by GCTC's very own Head of Props & Scenic Painter, Stephanie Dahmer Brett, with Costumes and Hair & Makeup by GCTC's Head of Wardrobe, Vanessa Imeson.  Jon Carter, the in-house Technical Director, designed the sound for the production.  And, rounding out the GCTC quadrumvirate was Darryl Bennett, our Head of Lighting, on the lighting design.  Bolstered by the humongous efforts of Gabbie Lazarovitz (Musical Director), these individuals did a gracious job balancing their daily responsibilities as GCTC crew with this creative project.  I believe that Geoff McBride, our super-and-first-time director, would agree that this creative team was a mix of senior technicians, new designers, and independent theatre artists; an ideal hodgepodge of dedicated people who supported the artistic vision for the show unconditionally.
It was a real pleasure working with the team this year.  Let's do it again!
To read a report on this year's Lawyer Play in the Ottawa Citizen, and to see some very nice pictures of the production, please click HERE (http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/around-town-lawyers-hit-the-stage-for-annual-fundraiser)
For further information on this year's GCTC / CCLA Lawyer Play, please click HERE (http://www.gctc.ca/plays/2015-cclagctc-lawyer-play-parfumerie)