Through the creative wall |

Through the creative wall

10,000 ideas, a gazillion words, and one week to condense them into something that makes sense.

For the past year the Fools have been slowly working away at our new show, Pomme and ‘Restes: Shipwrecked! on the Tempestuous Lost Island of Never. Hey, what’s with the unwieldy and absurdly long title that seems more like a spoiler alert? Because the creative process doesn’t proceed with the same greedy deadlines that the Marketing and Production departments have. Long before we were entirely sure exactly what our show was, we needed to give it a name and a synopsis. So we combined the two and Voila! the title to end all titles!

That was months ago. Last week the creative team was locked in a room with 120 pages that need to be whittled down to 80 pages. We’ve got tons of material – but does any of it make sense? So we spent the week reading, questioning, writing, reading, questioning… repeat. The end result is a wall covered with scripts and sticky notes.  And a script that’s now only 100 pages long… and a whole lot of ideas for rewrites and edits in the next two weeks, before we launch into production for the show.