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2nd Annual Bike-A-Thon

It has been a very full season for me of productions and festivals in Ottawa and Calgary but now that GCTC's final show, George F. Walker's The Burden of Self Awareness, is closed I can more fully focus on the 2nd Annual Bike-A-Thon FunRaiser.


Compared to last year we got started much earlier with the planning and organizing of this event.


The website is up (www.raiseathon.ca/gctcbike), cyclists are registering and people are donating. In fact, we are already almost at 5% of our goal!


The Artist Committee: Laurie Champagne, Karen Balcome, Zach Counsil and I have been meeting for the past few months to decide how to allocate responsibilities and execute plans. It's amazing how much planning, communications and brainstorming goes into what should be a simple event. The great part about the four-person team this year is that we are all quite diverse in our skill set.


Laurie, besides being one of Canada's longest working and most established Stage Managers, is very good at summarizing what needs to be done and when. She has taken on communications with the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau along with the National Capital Commission.  Laurie is also the one who proposed the Three Little Bees mini-event for children and their families to wave off our cyclist this year. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Laurie you might not know that she was the Production Stage Manager at The Shaw Festival for 24 years and when I was starting my career I was lucky enough to apprentice with her on two productions.


I am only now getting to know Karen who is an Ottawa-based playwright (Snapshot, ALICE). She has proved to be an asset to the committee with her drive and productivity when it comes to getting sponsorship and donations. We are committed to doing this event on a budget so her skills and energy have been invaluable. Thanks to Karen Bushtukah will be back with their complimentary bike tune-ups before our cyclists set out.


The man who needs no introduction is Zach. After appearing as various characters on the GCTC stage last winter in Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), Zach joined the Artist Committee. Besides acting he has experience in promotion and marketing which compliments our group of four very nicely. His years of experience touring the Canadian Fringe circuit, producing/directing and starring in the Eddie May Mysteries and directing Frankenstein at Algonquin College have given him a fantastic contact base and knowledge of how to raise awareness of our Bike-A-Thon.


And of course we couldn't do any of this without the hard work of our administrative staff, Nancy, Eric, Iliana, Andrew, Mukhabbat and Christie and the GCTC Bike-A-Thon creator, Brian Smith. They are the liaisons between our ideas and putting our ideas into action. Events like these really take the entire team!


As the summer goes on we will be posting, blogging, registering and raising money for GCTC productions next season and what a better way than to be outside in the beauty that is the Ottawa/Gatineau Region.


Cheers and All the Best!