Announcing the launch of the Comrade Dossier |

Announcing the launch of the Comrade Dossier


A few months ago, Brian and Rupal (Nightswimming’s Artistic Director and Producer) assigned me a task: come up with some sort of document that could be used by anyone interested in finding out more about Blue Box. At the time, we weren’t quite sure what the content would be, nor what form it would take.


At first, the Dossier lived on paper. As I continued to come across fantastic videos of salsa dancing, links to entire museums’ worth of information along with various other digital goldmines, it became clear: the Dossier had to live online. After getting the go-ahead from the bosses, I started to craft and build what would, hopefully, become a valuable resource for anyone who wanted to dig a little deeper into the world of this intricately crafted and layered piece of theatre.


Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of the Comrade Dossier at


The doors are open and you’re welcome to take a peek around Blue Box’s new home on the World Wide Web. It’s still got that new house smell, some paint may yet need to be patched and we might not have all the furniture in quite the right spots. Still, we think we’re ready for some guests. As you’re exploring, if there’s something you feel is missing, or want to find out even more about, let us know via the Comments box on the Briefing page. As Blue Box continues its journey, so too will the Dossier, so keep checking back for updates.


Thanks for joining us, comrades – your enthusiasm and support means a lot to us.


- Rachel Steinberg, Metcalf Dramaturgy Intern at Nightswimming Theatre