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In Transit


“(IN) TRANSIT” the exhibition at the FRITZI GALLERY  is totally amazing.  It is completely in sync with the GCTC play, The Number 14, which is the tale of bus #14 in Vancouver.  According to friends, #14 is similar to Ottawa’s bus # 2….  Wild, improbable things happen on it.  CHRIS BROWN shot his video with his camera mounted on his bike attached to the front of a bus in our wonderful city…. The accompanying music sets the mood and the feeling evoked while watching the 8 minute video just blows you away.   And to fill in the blanks while whipping through our town, STUART KINMOND has constructed his thoughtfully reflective vision of Ottawa.   Stuart’s three dimensional works show us bits and pieces of all we see on a bus ride…texture of fabrics, of buildings, and glimpses of the lives that surround us.  STUART’S eyes make us see Ottawa and its inhabitants with a fleeting clarity.

Get ready to jump on The Number 14.  It will tour you around from November 27 to December 16, 2012.