Bruce Garner in the Fritzi |

Bruce Garner in the Fritzi

The Fritzi Gallery, located on the second floor of the Great  Canadian Theatre Company, is unique in the way it curates it art.  Run by Don Monet of the Cube Gallery, it engages the artist to interact with the current play.  The artist reads the script, sometimes attends rehearsals, and puts together a show that resonates with the theme of the production.  Currently, Paula Mitas Zoubek is the curator.

I have always loved Bruce Garners strong, so powerful and so vital. His large public sculptures of bears, (like the one on the Sparks Street Mall, at Elgin), remind me of him. They symbolize his lust for life.
Beneath his outward showmanship dwelt a crafty and practical man. Bruce had a solid education in art. He worked commercially for several years as an art director, then went on to a government job, also in the field of art. Finally he left his haven of safety and launched his art career. He gave himself five years to succeed. He did it in two.
I admire people who know what they want, bide their time, and set the stage for their success.
He created a persona that was larger than life and that has persisted to this day.  He now only paints since his energies have been quelled after his illness.  The power and the passion are still there in his work.  They must be seen.  The Bruce Garner show is on at the Fritzi until Oct. 28.