Paul Rainville's GCTC FunRaiser |

Paul Rainville's GCTC FunRaiser

Four days and - yes - I’m counting - squeezing in the rehearsal time to an already full-up schedule.
Last night was very productive. After a really mercurial rehearsal day for a fall show with La Vieille 17 that left me an emotional puddle, I got down to it and played through the first part of the June 7 GCTC FunRaiser. It ran a tidy 55 minutes which pleased me to no end and I rewrote the opening sequence to tidy things up.
It looks like the place is going to be full of family. Uncle Chris may be coming in from PEI and on Thursday, bless him, he’ll drag along some Ottawa cronies who are legend to m-m-m-my generation - boomer sixties old-kids. Bill Hawkins poet, songwriter, and cab driver of great renown; David and Joanne Whiffen - David is a living legend in music circles and as well as his own celebrated albums from that period, has cover albums devoted to his compositions - other Canadian music legends playing the music of the man who inspired them. It’ll be a daunting delight to play for these guys who showed me the way when I was just starting out.
Some long-time dear hearts have said they wanted to be there and it is looking like my two big goals will be reached.
I wanted to help out GCTC and it seems we’ll make a modest bit of money to hack off a small chunk of debt.
But I also wanted to scratch an itch that has been lurking around the corners of my brain for a very - very long time. I started out wanting to be that guy up there playing songs for people. My first tentative steps to finding an artistic outlet and a ‘voice’ all focused on music. People like David Whiffen, Ian Tamblyn, Sneezy Waters, and, of course, Bruce Cockburn, have been huge inspirations. They perform material of their own making and it was such a tantalizing eye opener for me - looking for an outlet.
My path has been a different one for a variety of reasons. I found a voice and a home on the stage as an actor, but that dream of generating the stuff - of having an authorial voice rather than an interpretive one - stayed with me - and Thursday will see me bringing out my tunes - new tunes and older tunes - songs that date back forty years and have only been heard by a few people. But they’re mine and they’ll get heard by a crowd of people who are all family in one way or another.
So yeah I’m counting the days.


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