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What's New at undercurrents 2013

With only six days until the festival (you have your tickets, right?), and undercurrents going into its third year in 2013, the question I am inevitably getting is “what’s different this year? How has the festival changed since it began?” Lucky for you, I have answers...

Seven shows
While we added an extra performance for each show last year, we’ve gone one better in 2013 and added an entire extra show, Bread, being staged in the Irving Greenberg Theatre lobby.

Bread has limited seating (only 10 per performance), but don’t worry, there are 15 performances to choose from. PLUS it’s only 15 minutes long, so you can easily catch a Bread show before another undercurrents performance.

By popular demand we’ve also added a talkback performance for each show, which will take place in Café Michel-Ange in the lower lobby. Grab a post-show drink and chat with the artists! Dates for each talkback are:

Hip Hop Shakespeare - February 6
Little Orange Man - February 8
Ladies of the Lake - February 9
Little Iliad - February 12
The Public Servant - February 13
SKIN - February 15

Ottawa Festivals/Winterlude
We’ve partnered with Ottawa Festivals and Winterlude this year, with undercurrents the main feature of the Wellington West BIA’s “Warm Up on Wellington” Winterlude event. Cold feet after skating on the canal all afternoon? Why not stop by GCTC after and catch a show or two…?

Fritzi Gallery
Okay, so this isn’t technically new (we had a similar event last year), but it could be new to you, if you happened not to look at the walls in 2012.

In partnership with CUBE Gallery, undercurrents and the Lorraine Fritzi Yale Gallery (located on the second floor of the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre) have invited visual artists from across the National Capital region to interpret and respond to the festival shows. Melancholic, humourous, and contemplative, these works engage in a thought-provoking dialogue with the festival's creative line-up. 

The show is curated by Lee Jones and Erin Saunder, and features works by Eric Chan (eepmon), Kristy Gordon, Karina Kraenzle, Zoe Hussey, Tony Clark, and Betty Liang.

And you’re invited to the vernissage (which is a fancy art word for “opening”) – please join us on Thursday February 7th from 6:00-9:00 pm in the gallery to meet the artists and eat some snack.

There’s going to be a party!
We all agree theatre needs more parties, right? To do our part undercurrents will be hosting a festival party on Saturday, February 9 at 10:00 pm in the upper lobby. Join us. I throw really good parties.


More info about undercurrents can be found here.

See you at the festival!