Opening Night! |

Opening Night!

It’s opening night! Undercurrents is here! (and of course, you’ve already bought your six show pass, right?)

I’ve been lucky to spend the days leading up to opening night meeting with artists, sitting in on tech sessions, and watching dress rehearsals. I’ve eaten some Bread, conversed with Public Servants, and even seen a bit of SKIN (see what I did there?). It’s such a privilege to have these artists on stage at the festival, and an even greater one to be invited into their process to see their creation processes in action.   

And now, after months of keeping secrets, and a couple more months after that of letting anyone who will listen know about how I excited I am to bring these productions to GCTC, it’s finally time to share these seven shows with Ottawa audiences, which is my favourite part of my job.  

Overture, curtains, lights...