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Fringe Encore

Hello GCBlog readers! You might remember me from such posts about undercurrents, and… well, that’s about it. I left GCTC in 2013 when I became Festival Director at the Ottawa Fringe, but isn’t it nice of them to invite to me to write this!

Why have they invited me back to the blog? To plug Fringe Encore – the Ottawa Fringe Festival’s new series, bringing back to stage some of the biggest Fringe hits. Taking place October 8-10 at Arts Court, the first run of Fringe Encore has two critical and audience favourites from the 2014 and 15 Fringe Festivals.

First up is Emily Pearlman’s I think my boyfriend should have an accent, which sold out its entire Fringe run and was named Best of Fest this past June. Emily was once a GCTC playwright-in-residence, and her writing on boyfriend is an excellent encapsulation of her work to date: clever, insightful, poetic, and just a little bit off-center (okay, maybe more than a little).

Sharing the bill is Martin Dockery’s Moonlight After Midnight – a world premiere that was such a huge hit at the 2014 Fringe Festival. So much so that even I couldn’t get a ticket! So out of pure selfishness, I’ve booked the show. Martin’s writing is so crisp and tight it makes other playwrights jealous and the chemistry he and Vanessa Quesnelle share is electrifying.

If you’ve never been to the Fringe before, Encore is a great place to start. A sample of what the Festival – Ottawa’s largest theatre festival – has to offer. If you’re a frequent Fringer, you already know how great these shows are going to be.

See you at Arts Court in October!