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What's the story behind the bee tattoo?

Since launching the 2013-14 season three years ago, the GCTC honey bee has become a sort of (hopefully now recognizable) brand for our theatre company. It was Eric’s fearless first season at GCTC that first introduced it, and since then we’ve worked to incorporate it into all our marketing campaigns, shaking things up a little year by year.


When we sat down to envision what the 2016-17 season brochure cover might look like, we first looked at the programming and realized quickly that in much of our upcoming season, the people making bold choices, taking risks and pushing the boundaries are strong, powerful, progressive women with an edge.


We also played with the idea that art is a commitment. Something that you give all of yourself to. Great storytelling that stays with you long after the applause, leaving an indelible mark on our soul or our spirit. With that understanding, we began to envision what kind of compelling image might encapsulate those discoveries, and that’s where the tattoo came in.


While a few GCTC fans have asked me if it’s me on the cover (my loyalty to this wonderful place is deep, but not exactly skin deep) finding the perfect image was a fun and positive experience. I researched bee tattoos online and connected with the stylish Jessica Quirk – a brilliant and bold woman in her own right. Jessica, who lives in Bloomington, IN, is the mastermind behind the popular personal style blog: whatiwore.tumblr.com. Thanks to Twitter we connected quickly and, after a few exchanges, Jessica was gracious enough to let us use her, and her compelling tattoo, as our marketing image for our season.


To me, using an image of the nape of a woman’s neck, fresh from a new tattoo session is the perfect balance of delicate and indelicate. There’s gentleness to it as well as an edge. And I think that encapsulates our season perfectly. What do you think?

Photo by Adam Quirk