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Welcome to the new Director’s Circle.

Since joining the GCTC team back in January, I’ve spend a lot of time learning about our donor base. I wanted to learn what compels you to give. And I also wanted to determine if the different ways we show our appreciation for your investment were welcome and useful. I wondered, "Is there more we could be doing to thank you for your loyalty?"


When we revisited our existing loyalty programs and investigated ways to improve them, the natural course of action was to speak with our long term donors to find out if what we’ve been doing meets your needs. Perhaps more importantly, what could we be doing differently to ensure you remain engaged and feeling appreciated?


Somewhat surprisingly, the resounding answer I received was to simplify. I learned you weren’t looking for just a bunch of organized special events to add to your calendar but rather a desire for things to be made easier. Make it easier to give, buy a ticket, bring a friend, have a drink, park, subscribe, choose a seat.


And that makes perfect sense. Today the demands on our personal time are much greater than ever before. We have to do more with less, we are expected to stay connected more than we’d like to, which brings more decision making, more juggling. (Just writing this blog is making me anxious about the other things on my to-do list…)


So we listened and we simplified.


Depending on your level of donation, our new Director’s Circle program invites you to take advantage of free drinks at your show, free parking, invitations to first readings with actors, directors and designers, advance tickets to exclusive events before they are available to the public (have you heard about our Chefs & Shows package?) and even a book private lunch with the artistic team (Psst! Eric likes Thai; Hugh is vegetarian) and more. We’ve kept things flexible with ticket exchanges, even added some gifts for you from the cast. Visit gctc.ca/support-us/directors-circle to learn more about the program, or email development@gctc.ca to request a brochure. And you can always call me at 613-236-5192 ext. 311 to learn more about this and the other exciting things we have in store.


So that’s it. The new Director’s Circle. Engage at the level that suits your lifestyle. And hey, while you’re at it, have a drink on us.


*You can become a Director’s Circle Members with an annual gift of $1,000 or more. Most elect to do so by authorizing 10 monthly payments of $100 throughout the upcoming season.