Opening night of Fly me to the Moon |

Opening night of Fly me to the Moon

Tonight is opening night – always an exciting evening. For us, it is the end and the beginning. It is the end of the rehearsal and production process and the beginning of the run and sharing this story and our work with the public. We start the night off with the opening of the Fritzi Gallery exhibit for the show by Nan Griffiths. Nan has read Fly me to the Moon and created art from her interpretation of the story and themes in the play.

At 8 pm the house will fill up and the audience will sit in anticipation for the start of the play. From that point on each person will have a different personal experience as they watch the story unfold; the characters reveal themselves, the conflict rises and falls and the resolution develops. This is a comedy so there will be many laughs and it is about some crazy decisions two gals make in order to make their lives a bit more bearable. When was the last time you justified a crazy decision you made….

Hope you get out to see the show and bring lots of people with you!