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June at GCTC

June is a busy time around GCTC. Our current and last show of the season, Circle Mirror Transformation, will be closing this weekend. I highly recommend it. It is laugh out loud funny; the characters are wonderful and the story will touch your heart. It doesn’t get better than that…

In June we do a lot of post mortems – evaluating just about everything we do. This week, we had our end of season post mortem. I know many people have trouble with the words "post mortem" but it seems to work for us. In between the more thoughtful times of evaluating the season, we did an exercise in which the staff members were divided into groups and each group had to plan how they would survive for two weeks on a desert island with a little food and 2000 bricks. You can imagine with all the creative people working here this was an interesting exercise with a lot of building going on – towers, bridges, shelters, water systems, BBQs…

We say thank you and show our appreciation to our amazing volunteers with a party and awards. We also celebrate and have an end of season party with our Board and Staff members. This month we said goodbye to GCTC’s Artistic Director, Lise Ann Johnson – that was sad. The interviews for the new Artistic Director are this weekend and we should be able to announce in July who will be taking on the artistic leadership of the company.

I hope you have a good weekend. Come see the play or if you have seen it tell two friends. Thanks.