Join us for the 15th anniversary! |

Join us for the 15th anniversary!

Do you know about our annual Lawyer Play fundraising event?  It is next week – April 24-26. Annually, we partner with the CCLA and the law community to produce a play with the proceeds going to GCTC and another charity partner.

If your favourite lawyer in town has not sold you a ticket yet you can always get one from the GCTC box office (613-236-5196).  I am proud to say that I was there for the first one 15 years ago and it is a real pleasure to work with the law community each year on this event.

The Lawyer Play is one of the legal community’s longest running and most successful fundraisers. Over the past 14 years, they have raised over $1,000,000.00 in support of GCTC and charity partners such as Operation Come Home, The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa-Carleton and the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa.  This year, The Lawyer Play Committee selected the Sharing in Student Success Program run by The Caring and Sharing Exchange  (formerly known as The Christmas Exchange Program).

Being the 15th anniversary this is a very special year and the lawyers wanted to mark the occasion with a very special play. They chose Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which is a wonderful fun comedy and great for the lawyers to stretch their acting talents.

Along with the show each night has a gala sponsored by a different caterer in town. Thursday night is a delicious mix from The Whalesbone, Thyme & Again, Grounded, The Table, and Absinthe. Friday night the gala is catered by a real favourite, The Mixing Bowl, and Saturday night it will be tasty treats from The Urban Element. Saturday night also has a scotch tasting with various scotches from Glen Breton.

The people involved are real leaders in our community. It is impressive the amount of work and hours that they dedicate to supporting our community. I hope you are able to see the play and support the work of two important charities in your community. 

See you at the theatre.