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GCTC in July

Hello again,

July is our slowest paced month of the year. Since we are not producing a show it is the best month to finish up planning for next season and take a holiday. So far this month we have had great excitement. This week we announced that Eric Coates will be the new Artistic Director of GCTC. We are all pretty happy about having Eric join the team. He has a lot on his plate right now. Currently, he is the Artistic Director of the Blyth Festival. If you have never been to Blyth check it out. They produce professional Canadian theatre in a summer season. So Eric has to transition from Blyth to GCTC and move up to Ottawa all in the next couple of months.
Eric started out as an actor at Stratford and moved on to Blyth. Then he became the Artistic Associate, a position he held for 6 years. He has been the Artistic Director for 10 years. He has a passion for new work and during his time at Blyth oversaw 28 world premier plays, had 11 scripts published and two plays were nominated for the Governor General's Literary Award. Very impressive! I have been getting emails over the past few days from my colleagues across the country at other theatres congratulating GCTC for hiring Eric. They are telling me that Eric is funny, smart, hard working, creative, and good to work with. When I was calling for his references I got over and over again what I called the 4 "Cs" about Eric = collaborator, communicator, consciences builder and community minded.
I will get him blogging as soon as he is on board, which will not be until the fall. He is looking forward to meeting everyone.
Enjoy your summer.