Don't miss the undercurrents festival |

Don't miss the undercurrents festival

Last night I got to see the last two shows of the undercurrent festival - A Quiet Sip of Coffee and Morro and Jasp do Puberty. Who knew puberty was really that funny! A Quiet Sip of Coffee I am still thinking about – the sign of a good story they say… It definitely caught my attention and I recommend it. After you have seen it let me know what you think.
I have been really enjoying the line up this year. I was intrigued to hear the voices of 2nd Generation Japanese Canadians that experienced WW2 internment and post-war resettlement. The duality of the two characters in Ciseaux was engaging and intense. Rider Girl is fun with a thoughtful twist that I did not expect. Broken was touching and revealing of how families cope when Alzheimer’s disease strikes one of its members.
I encourage you to add the festival to your weekend plans. It’s cold and wintery outside so a good day to see plays!
Hope you will come out to experience some great stories this weekend.