Banjo Slappin' at the Irv |

Banjo Slappin' at the Irv

Hello everyone,

My name is Mack Johnson, and I'm the producer of the Acoustic Waves concert series here at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre. Music has always been an important part of my life - not just professionally in my work, but also personally. GCTC as an organization has also always been a big part of my life (I worked in the box office for seven years!), bringing great musical acts from all over the country into this wonderful space is really something of a labour of love for me.

The Acoustic Waves series itself has held a long and storied history. In the days of the 910 Gladstone facility, the Sunday night concerts became almost as much as of a tradition as the catered nanaimo bars and carrot cake in the lobby at intermission. With the new building and a changing audience came new challenges for regular music in the space. The sad part is that it's largely an uphill battle - many people in this city aren't yet familiar with the IGTC as being anything other than a home for the GCTC's regular programming with some special events from time to time. And this is certainly a reputation lacking in substance - both the mainstage and the studio theatres have played host to some of the best, most intimate concerts I've attended in my life. From our first show ever with Evening Hymns in 2010 in the studio theatre, right through to bringing out 250+ die hard guitar fans for Don Ross in 2011 in the mainstage, I can only hope that these unique musical experiences stay as clear and vivid in the memories of those in attendance as they do in my mind.

December 2nd brings the first official concert of the 2012/2013 Acoustic Waves season, as the Juno-award winning east coast music darling OLD MAN LUEDECKE takes the stage this Sunday night. This has been a show I've been looking forward to programming for a long time now. My first experience with OML was in that very same 910 Gladstone building, and was coincidentally my first concert featuring a banjo player. I know, right - your first banjo concert at 15 years old? Where have YOU been?! Needless to say I was blown away at this man as being much more than just a singer with a banjo - he's a phenomenal and engaging storyteller, unquestionably deserving of every single accolade he's received since I saw him last.

Opening the night will be former Attack in Black guitarist Spencer Burton in his new solo incarnation, GREY KINGDOM. Tickets are available at the GCTC Box Office, or by calling 613-236-5196. They can also be purchased online at

I hope you'll choose to join us for what will most certainly be a memorable evening of music in Ottawa's most under appreciated live music venue. As an aside, I'm certainly interested in knowing how this will all look taking place right beside the #14 bus...

See you at the show!


Old Man Luedecke, Grey Kingdom
Sunday, December 2nd 2012
Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre

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