New Year - New Lawyer Play |

New Year - New Lawyer Play

Happy New Year! Another year has gone by and a new one is on its roll, full of new hopes and new beginnings, new challenges and new achievements, and... a new Lawyer Play! Hard to believe how quickly the time went by since the last Lawyer Play. Seems like not too long ago we wrapped up the season and here we are again, at the foot of the mountain, ready to start the ball rolling on the next lawyer play adventure. It's a never-ending cycle of hard work, excitement build-up, gratitude and fun.


Last night, the cast of the play met with the staff and board members of GCTC at the much anticipated Meet & Greet that took place in the Fritzi Gallery at GCTC.  The play selected for this year is Parfumerie, a comedy adapted by E. P. Dowdall, based on the Hungarian play Illatszertar by Miklos Laszlo. Some of you may be surprised to know that the play was an inspiration to some of the famous movie and Broadway productions such as You've Got Mail (1998) with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks and She Loves Me (1978) with Gemma Craven and Robin Ellis. Parfumerie is a warm and wonderful love comedy filled with romance, tangled liaisons and surprise discoveries. Needless to say, the lawyers are very keen on being a part of it, some are even more than others...


And last but not least, we had a special guest who joined us at the Meet & Greet last night. Andrea Gardner, Assistant Executive Director, and Mark Zarecki, Executive Director from Jewish Family Services (JFS) of Ottawa have come to talk about their program StreetSmarts. JFS is the chosen charity partner of the Lawyer Play fundraiser this year. Andrea delivered a very touching speech about the program and its founder Pete Cassidy, and how the proceeds raised by the lawyers will benefit the services they provide to homeless people. It's humbling to realize that everybody involved in this year's Lawyer Play to some extent will become a part of this life changing program. I am certainly looking forward to what's ahead.


Parfumerie is April 15-18 at GCTC, with a preview on April 15 and Gala performances on the following three nights. If you want to see your lawyers on stage in slightly different roles, don't miss the performances! Tickets will go on sale February 3rd.


To the new beginnings and to the new Lawyer Play!